Monday, August 19, 2013

Photography 2010-2013

 Autumn Squash found at a market in Northeastern Indiana. (Huntington, IN)

                                                            BETH VS THE SHARK
 A little photo trickery (Florida, USA)

                                                               DIGGING TO CHINA
 Finally made it to China! (Glenwood Springs, CO)

                                           THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WERE PROMISED
 Cooking dinner in Papua New Guinea (Madang, PNG)

                                                                 BASH BROTHERS
 A boyhood tradition of bashing fruit on fridays (Huntington, IN)

                                                               DREAMS OF A MESA
 View of the mesa from an abandoned iron coking oven, Glenwood Springs, CO

 An abandoned beauty: happens too often (Glenwood Springs, CO)

                                                                    NIGHT LIGHTS
One beautiful night (Huntington, IN)

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